Dani Fau

Alto Paraíso De Goiás, , Brasil
caixa postal 15


Dani was born in São Paulo and has been living in Alto Paraiso for the past 15 years.

Since 3 years old, dancing and expression of love and life through her body has been a profound passion of hers.

She has explored and trained in many forms of dance (classical, jazz, street dance, samba, etc), yoga, theater and aerial circus.  

For her the body is our temple and vessel of love, which through we experience, feel, relate, love and celebrate this miracle of life.

“Sexuallity is a creative force of life which manifests in all diverse expressions of existence,  a primordial and nurturing force which embraces, connects, and opens the channels of love, ecstatic living and reconnection to all of life.”

Dani organizes and receives retreats and events in “Santuario Osho Lua”. It´s a profound joy to receive Ista training for the third consecutive year and the core gathering in 2017.

“Thank you my beloved sister Komala Lyra for inviting me to this incredible journey”

Now her and beloved sister Mari França are the organizers for Ista Brazil 2018.