Francisco Fortuno

Valencia, , España
ayora 9 -11


I´m Francisco from Spain. During 2017 I created the first personal development and sexuality online community for men in Spanish.
I do private coaching, organize men´s circles, workshops and retreats for men and sometimes also with women.
I have done a few retreats with Raffaello Manacorda in Spain and finally the energy of men is rising up.
My first ISTA was last year here in KPG and ever since I have used ISTA tools everyday of my life.
I´m really excited to be assisting now and somehow hold space for others during the training, while keeping my self together.

I´m doing again Level 1 assisting and will be doing for the first time Level 2 also in Koh Phangan. 
I´m officially organizing the first ISTA in Spanish in Colombia July 2018, I´m super inspired to do that.

I live half of the year in Koh Phangan (Thailand) so if you come around let me know.