Olga Homsi

Vienna - Moscow, , Austria - Russia


Olga Homsi - Medium, Therapist, Life coach, Facilitator, Yogi, Mystic and Tantrica. I facilitate group trainings and have my private clients practice in Vienna and Moscow. 

My own life journey became my inspiration. Being passioned about limitlessness of a human potential I use integrative methods of modern therapies, spiritual and ancient mystical knowledges to empower people to connect with their core potential, beauty and power, no matter what life experiences they had before. I specialize in supporting people to liberate themselves from traumas, depressions, dependences, suicidal behavior, violence, consequences of sexual abuse, lack of self esteem, fear of sexuality. 

Although I started my path with ascended spirituality and psychology, after some years I discovered amazing power of Feminine Mysteries that I started to learn passionately all around the world. During this journey Tantra entered my life and in 2015 I attended my first ISTA training. Love to ISTA inspires me to share this amazing experience with humanity and organize the trainings. 

I got a Master degree in linguistics (Moscow State university of foreign languages). My further education: Diploma in Kinesiology, Systemic Therapy (Systemic Constellations), Life Coaching, Kundalini Yoga, Certificates of AccessBars Consciousnesses, Ancestral Practices, Joitish (Yantra art therapy), Feminine mystery schools, Sacred Feminine Dance.

Along with private sessions I offer a weekly Feminine Shakti Circle, Group Systemic Constellations, Fravahar (3 day long Ancestral Flow process), Tantra Trainings in Vienna.