Juanita Fouche

Johannesburg, , South Africa


I like to think of myself as a modern day Dakini.  A facilitator and coach inspired by tantrism, bringing mindfulness to sexuality, foolishly believing in the human potential, and constantly running and stumbling toward my own edge… (still practising the jump.)

Exploring my own vulnerability, surrender, hunger and humanness, I believe that life should be filled with the kind of fun and wonder that you can only appreciate after too many adult years spent longing for the simple joys of summer camp. 

We can only survive for so long on faux ecstasy before the lack of the real thing results in illness. lethargy and depression.  The practise of conscious sexuality took me out of the grief and the pain and the helplessness to someplace powerful and ecstatic.  It made me clear and strong in the face of chaos. It made me wet. It cut through the crap… and when I shared it with others, it did the same for them.

I offer workshops, private sessions, and resources to bring ease, confidence and juicy awareness into your connections with yourself and others!  Supporting people in getting out of their mental prisons so they can connect with the wisdom of their bodies, bellies and hearts to reach a deeper sense of self, clarity and ease. 

Continuing my training in Sacred Sexuality and I’m so excited to expand the work on the African continent. I am a massage therapist, communication, intimacy and connection coach. A pole dance instructor, Kinesiologist, and Reiki Therapist, but my greatest attribute is probably my own sexual intuition.  Let’s share experiences and my love of good coffee.  The menu of my services includes all of the above, as well as Taoist Massage, Restorative healing of sexual dysfunction, Breathing techniques and Boundary setting. Self-love rituals, Tantra and Mindful sexuality, Erotic massage, Tantric Touch, Sacred Yoni Healing, Sacred Spot Massage, Sacred Lingam Healing, pleasuring your partner, coaching for couples, and Communication Coaching to bring more presence, conscious awareness and competency to the Tantra seeker who wants to cultivate pleasure, vision an ecstasy instead of avoiding it.   Thank goddess. Let’s Rock and Roll!