August Coyote


August’s life has been a quite unusual journey of self discovery. When she was 13 years old, a family friend invited her to read Carlos Castaneda's account of his apprenticeship with the medicine man Don Juan. The profound impact of that experience, coupled with being raised and homeschooled on an urban commune, led her to a lifelong interest in alternative ways of engaging with life and in community.  Her exposure to spirituality and metaphysics was expansive from a young age, as has continued to unfold and develop over the years.


August is passionate about supporting others in living vibrant and soulful lives, and has been hosting gatherings that foster meaningful dialog and authentic experience since the late 90’s. Currently, she works with individuals and couples to bring more presence and soulfulness to their embodied sensual experience. Using straight talk, humor, storytelling and somatic experiencing, she invites her clients to embrace and accept even the scariest of emotions for the purpose of living as an integrated soul. Her unique presentation awakens curiosity, playfulness and an experience of being deeply seen.


Some of her gifts include piercing insight, keen intuition, unguardedness, playfulness and a wealth of self development resources. She invites others into a fearless yet playful dialog with their unconscious patterning, allowing for clarity and power.  Her presence can be deeply compassionate one moment yet fiercely vibrant and evocative the next. This seeming contradiction serves as an invitation for us all to embrace all aspects of our being.


August has over 25 years experience in training and development with individuals, spending the last 7 years working specifically in the field of intimacy and sexuality as a somatic practitioner and intimacy coach. In her life travels, she’s engaged in 12 step work, studied ontology & quantum physics, lived in a commune, and taught with a global training and development organization called Landmark Worldwide. More recently, she’s studied Hakomi (body based psychotherapy), indigenous wisdom with the Eagle Condor Council, and sat in many plant medicine circles and sweat lodges.


Presently, August lives in Atlanta, GA with her partner, Joshua, their dog Grace, and two black panther kittens named Eyeballs and Totem. When she’s not stalking her squirmy ego bits or witching around in the kitchen, she holds a tender vision for the reemergence of the Soul of the deep south.

August stands for a world where each of us is free from domestication, and she supports projects and individuals who are fostering soulful & embodied expression in their lives and their communities.