Regan Pryor

Highden Temple, , New Zealand


Regan Pryor’s journey has taken him through a deeply embodied and felt sense of the vast spectrum of life experience available to us during these beautiful and challenging times on the earth. He has moved through an intensive investigation into the realms of relating, the domains of the corporate and creative industries as well as organic farming and permaculture lifestyle. After a deep calling to integrate his life experience and share more with the world through his men’s group and circle work, he discovered two great avenues to express his soul gifts and uplift and inspire the beings he came into contact with; Sacred sexuality and Youth work.

From this place of deep realisation and connection to his heart calling, Regan set out to run a retreat lodge in the Kaimais mountain range in N.Z. With seven years offering his space and holding space for youth work, week-long intensives, shamanic circles, sacred sexuality retreats and workshops, as well as festivals and community activities. His passion for inspiring youth as well as his dedication to awakening life force through spiritual, sexual and shamanic practices lead him to a long standing relationship with the International School of Temple Arts (I.S.T.A). Regan is now a member of the I.S.T.A faculty and lives at the Highden Mystery School in Awahuri N.Z. He is a passionate embodiment practitioner and offers his private sessions and group work from a deep place of integrity and authenticity; applying his deep sense of connection to the earth and his immense love for humanity and passion for awakening and inspiring the inner evolution and landing of the soul in body.

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