Regan Pryor

Palmerston North, , New Zealand


I now currently live at Highden Manor, in the Manawatu, Palmerston North, New Zealand. (The sacred spot of Aotearoa, NZ). There is something going on here, we are setting up a mystery school. Yus! So my job is to get people in, get them connected with the place, one another and us the people on the land. I love this job becuase it is my mission to create a community of love. That is on the top of my to do list anyway.

I have also been organising trainings and conferences in NZ now for years, I have the wrinkles to prove it. It is not really a job or a role, straight out passion. When I see the growth and realisations in people when they wake up to themselves, this work gets pretty addictive. This is creating and living in the world I want.

This work comes through me as experience. I have read a little and absorbed information from learned souls. However I have to experience it to feel it and know it.

I welcome you to come to New Zealand and bring your work here or experience the many workshops on offer at Highden Manor. I am passionate about bringing the many facets of this work from around the world to my tribe.