Regan Pryor

Tauranaga, , New Zealand


Regan Pryor is one of the main organizers of ISTA conferences and trainings in New Zealand with his partner, Ellie Lawler.  He is also the co-creator of Rataroa Retreats, a retreat center that bring people back to their place in nature. He has years of experience in facilitation of men’s groups, youth development, and permaculture work, and outdoors retreats.

Regan was drawn to Tantra for its encouragement of people to be authentically themselves.  Fueled by his desire to create a better world for his children, he empowers people to let go of their conditioning and live in their bliss.  Regan holds a strong, masculine space and in his presence people feel safe, deeply supported, and free of judgement.  He is dedicated to open, honest communication with integrity and love.

Regan is fiercely compassionate, holding people to be self-responsible and accountable for their own experience.  He loves the core connection that arises from being in the space of unfolding and not being afraid of whatever may emerge.

A nature lover, Regan uses the outdoors as his teacher.  Through connecting to the land he taps into the natural flow of life.  He is passionate about his Maori ancestry and realising his place within the greater whole.