Louise Claire


Louise is a bold healer, lover, tantric priestess and shaman working deeply with the dark and light energies that shape our human experience.  Turning people on fully to life through sacred play!! She is an edge rider & deep diver - powerfully calling herself & others to be free, wild, awake & fully alive.  A conduit between realms unlocking the raw potential within each person to live in maximum aliveness, shameless sexual freedom, juicy embodiment and wild, fucking liberation.

She has a deep love of humanity and is pained to see people living anything but the fullness and richness that is available.  Her love and conviction is bold, raw and primal - borne from her own journey from the painful experience of caged entrapment and suffocating constraint to wild, free liberation and juicy aliveness. Now the loving sadist - joyfully embracing the pain of transformation and awakening.

Louise’s calling in life is a constant, deep, fiery volcanic energy that ceaselessly pulses within her - propelling her to adventure deeper, wider and further into the full tantric experience of life and to lead others to do the same. To hold full, loving presence, journey into shadow and soul, step into the void to follow the pathless path full of unknown potential, leaning tirelessly into a faith that exists beyond (and in spite of) mind, and a powerful knowing that holds such potency beyond all logic and reason.  

Sacred Sexuality Teacher & Practitioner, Holistic Life, Love & Soul Coach, Yin, Tantra & Heart of Yoga Teacher - privileged student, friend and assistant teacher to Mark Whitwell - Heart of Yoga (direct student of Krishnamacharya), Ignite Yoga Dance Creator and Tantric Business Coach (Bachelor of Business Communication & Human Resources).  An International Gypsy lead by her wild heart to travel, learn & teach with her 2 children in India, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo, Australia, NZ & Fiji.

Growing up in rural New Zealand amidst communes, herbs and plant medicine she has a strong affinity for nature and is an intuitive healer. A natural seeker having spent over 20 years studying embodiment, consciousness, energy work, spirituality, psychoimmunology, communication, heart, intimacy & sexuality practices - finding the common tantric thread within them all.

Louise transitioned from corporate business, to social service management to soul work completing a 2 year multi-modality holistic coach training -  specialising in transformation of energy, shadow and archetypes and developing her own unique relationship coaching model. Founder of Pimp My Life - a first of its kind offering integrated Life & Love Makeover Programs for mind, body and soul into the NZ, Fiji & International markets.

She further enhanced her embodiment work with her yoga teacher training and a deep dive into sacred, shamanic sexuality training and healing completing various trainings including  ISTA; Practitioner Training - Israel, SSSEX - India, SSSIN - Australia, SSSSeed - Turkey & gaining her full Priestess initiation and kundalini activation.

She’s excited to serve the field as an ISTA Coordinator and is launching ISTA Fiji 2019.  ISTA feels like home, her tribe - where so much healing and liberation is possible for the courageous souls who show up for themselves and for humanity.  In 2018 she co-created Pathway to Eden conscious sexuality festival Auckland  and was production manager at Return to Eden Highden. She offers International deep dive retreats, 2-3 month intensive programs, online courses, workshops & private sessions.

"My deepest desire if for you to be completely turned on to who you truly are!! To be fully ALIVE, embodied and awake.  To show up wildly, fiercely, vulnerably and powerfully in your own existence”.