Elle Abbott

Las Vegas, , United States


Elle Abbott is our Sex-Positive Las Vegas network Ambassador and Humanitarian.  Elle is known for her idealism around breaking down divine principal inside taboo topics and making it digestible for the masses. From there developing curriculum to create better sexual education programs.  She identifies with the modern-day work of a Shaman, alchemizing technology and spirituality.  Her 501c3, Goddess University, is taking a new approach to sex education by providing digital content discussing family sexual values, framework for gender neutral early childhood experiences, and principals/tools for deeper relationship and sexual experiences.  She accredits her ISTA training as being the divine movement in her life that clearly pointed the way towards her soul mission, her twin flame and her soul tribe.

Bubbling with much enthusiasm, Elle is eager to create an incredible ISTA experience in Las Vegas, now and in the future, setting the foundation for this training with the energy of unconditional love and divine romance.