Tracy Elise


Enter the world of the Goddess, where Mother Love imbues our lives with true power!  As Mother Priestess of the Phoenix Goddess Temple, I teach and guide my fellow humans in Magnetic Touch Tantra, Whole Body Healing, Holy Anointing, and Sacred Union with all of Creation.   Women awaken on the Priestess Path, ordination programof the Phoenix Goddess Temple.  Men chose energetic mastery, and feminine wisdom as the path to greater loving. Couples co-create new pathways of intimacy using the ancient secret ceremonies which connect body, mind and soul. 

LOVE is the only TRUTH worth living, and energy cannot be untrue...what does your energy say about you?

I remain in Her service,

Tracy Elise  

Mystic Mother, Phoenix Goddess Temple

Elder Medicine Woman, ONAC Mother Medicine Wheel

email:   cell:  928.399.9942