Kadesh Orin

Earth, , this Milky Way


Quazicrystalized s n 8D Mathing Sourcerer Alchemist in the service of The Goddess Love

An initiate of the path.

A devoted meditator for more than 2 decades.

Kadesh is working as an Somatic PsychoTherapist, TaoTantric practitioner and a Sexual Surrogate for over 18 years, combining BioEnergetic & Massage Therapy methods, Lucid Dreaming and Meditation.

Kadesh has developed a method called; Holistic PsychoSexualTherapy, and is teaching it. As well as coaching for Sacred Union, Intersexual Dynamics, Conscious Movement, Nutrition & Herbalism and Natural Wild Living & Joy. As well as giving esoteric transmissions of the Universal Wisdom/s, including; Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah, Vedas, Tao, Mayan Calendars, Shamanism, magic, atc'... <3 with wild love