Matooka Moonbear


Hello, My name is Matooka MoonBear. I have journeyed Earth based spiritual paths for over 30 years from Native American, Hindu, Pagan spirituality to Witchcraft. In 2014 my path brought me to ISTA in Ireland where I took Level 1 & 2 side by side. It was here that I knew I had found tribe!  Since then my ISTA journey has taken me many places as I apprentice with Laurie Handlers. I have assisted ISTA trainings in New England, Costa Rica, Montreal, New Jersey, & Guatemala. While in Guatemala, I attended Level 3 SSSeed. I have successfully organized training in New England with the intention of breaking through puritanical thought in order to follow my vision for the future. That through this work, human relationship with self, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine along and the Earth will be healed in the psyche of humanity as we move toward a more loving paradigm.