Michal Maayan Don



Teacher, facilitator and a priestess of feminine and spiritual evolution, leader of Israel new womanhood movement, qualifying women circles facilitators.

Founder of school of feminine spirituality.

Sexual shamanic priestess and healer, hosts women sacred sexuality ceremonies and workshops. 


Bottom line is that I am here because I believe (and practice this believe in my life) that the human species will change into a powerful glowing  better version as soon as all sexual inhibitions will resolve  and all erotic powers will be reclaimed. I am here to serve the reunion of love and power. This path has been healing me in my privet life as a woman, and it will serve all man and woman I work with.   


Since I started guiding groups at the youth movement, at the age of 15, I didn't stop instructing and leading groups. Apparently the human circle is within me, always was and always will be… Even during my Business Administration studies.

For many years now I'm walking the path of self discovery and inner observation, through diverse holistic approaches. I facilitate groups through emotional & spiritual processes which come to enable fulfilling our amazing potential of happiness & success. From that experience within me, grew a need to explore & heal the feminine qualities buried inside me and every other woman.


So since 2008 I train Women’s circle Wisdom facilitators, and teach the art of ‘guidance from the womb’. On this training, women learn to lead self awareness groups into growth and development with a holistic method for women’s self development. This course constitutes an experiential process of personal and feminine development in the circle tradition.

I am very proud of my students!

Through these years I have been taking part in leading major woman’s festivals in Israel and giving ceremonies of hundreds.  


I had to go through a deep personal healing process with my sexuality as a woman. The natural thing to do with it, for me, was to start leading the same process for others.

"The sacred cave" - Women only weekend retreat is my way of restoring the great life force that reside in our sexuality and femininity, in a deep process that takes place with love and gentleness, with great joy and tenderness. We shake off any obstacles and discover the freedom and joy in releasing our sexual energy in our life.

I cannot describe in simple words how much I love the moments of connections between us, within us, to our greatest potential, and to the life force that lies in all of us.


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