Shakara Lyon


San Fransisco , , New Zealand


Shakara Lyon

The Tantric Inner & Outer ‘Marriage’ Dance that ‘joins’ the Heights & Depths of our Human  Experience, form the clay from which Shakara shapes her Life. The ART of Conscious Soul-Ful Relating is a passion forged from the crucible of her own experiences as LOVE points us all back to the ONE UNIFIED FIELD OF LOVE in which we live, move & source our BEING,

Shakara formed part of the core group at the Shamballa School residential Spiritual Community, has journeyed to many of the Worlds Sacred Sites & is committed to the Restoration of the Ageless Temple Mysteries that until now have for so long been held “secret’ or for only the few.

She has formal training & qualifications in Secondary School Teaching, Astrology, The Esoteric  Sciences, Rebirthing, Soul Centered Psychology, Past Life Therapy, Ritual & Dance.

Past Co-founder of the New Zealand School of Esoteric Arts & Sciences. Director of “Mystical Pathways " astrologically based television info-mercials in NZ for many years, currently Shamballa Tantra, a joint creation with Bruce Lyon, offers a series of Workshops & Retreats world-wide, designed to fast track the Integration of the ‘Spiritual” Heights with the  Life Force held within the Sacred “Sexual’ Depths.

Gender, Intimacy & Polarity work, Reclaiming the Power locked in the Shadow form themes in the movement towards Innocence & Eden.

A.R.T AUTHENTIC RELATING TEMPLE, is a new initiative to be held in Bali each year, exploring new paradigms that take us through monogamy and polyamory into Mergence with the ONE BELOVED.

Shakara leads Women's Retreats once a year in EGYPT/FRANCE & other locations, assisting to dive deep into the Shiva/God Essence within Wo-Men, as a Sacred Path to their Alchemical Inner Marriage process. 

Shakara is A Lover of Beauty in all its forms, an avid Photographer, Researcher & ‘Student of Life.’