Penelope Goldmuntz

Arlington, , United States


Dr Penelope Goldmuntz is a sexual shamanic healer-coach who blends her passionate belief that sexiness, adventure, and amazing relationships can flourish at any age with her professional experience as a PsyD Psychologist and Registered Nurse.  Her motto is: "Sexy is Ageless"


Penelope began her career more than 30 years ago as an RN and then as a therapist with a PsyD in Psychology.  Amongst her specialities is treating sexual trauma.  "Helping people move beyond the wounds of trauma; allowing them to reclaim their sexuality with power and joy. I love assisting people in healing their relationship with themselves and others back into bliss.", says Penelope.

Personally, Penelope came to this work with sacred sexuality later in life.  She had a traditional career, got married, raised two children, and got divorced all before she discovered the world of personal growth outside the bounds of traditional psychotherapy.  Personal growth work and especially tantra changed Penelope's life - it rekindled her zest for aliveness and adventure, opened her heart, deepened her connection to the erotic, and brought a level of intimacy to her love life she had never before experienced.


For the last 15 years Penelope has pursued her own personal growth with a focus on tantra and other shamanic healing practices.  She has studied with many master teachers and mystery schools all over the world.  For example, Penelope is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator through Source School of Tantra Yoga and has studied with David Deida, Michael Mirdad, Shakti Malan, Armand Bytton and others.  Penelope's magic is her ability to combine these shamanic practices with classical psychological theory and deep medical knowledge.  Penelope even combines tantra with kink and BDSM to move into deeper sexual and relationship experiences with her long term partner, Michael.  After 15 years, their relationship keeps getting better, deeper, and more meaningful.


These experiences allow Penelope to inspire people through leading sacred rituals such as pujas and cacao ceremonies along with teaching workshops on intimacy, sensual touch, masculine-feminine polarity, and sacred bondage.  Among her friends and colleagues Penelope is known for her warm nature, passion for life, sense of humor and ability to safely explore sensuality and intimacy with a sense of adventure.  As an older woman, Penelope is very passionate about letting the world know that women remain juicy and sexy as they age.  She plans to inspire more folks to celebrate their sexuality (aka: "Sexy is Ageless") -- ISTA is for all ages.