Lenerd Louw

Cape Town and Johannesburg, , South Africa


Four years ago Lenerd resigned his job and career as the CEO of a Direct Life Insurance Company in Cape Town, South Africa, sold and gave away everything he had and bought a backpack and started a journey of awakening and learning around the world. 
He spent the whole of 2014 in South America and Central America where he came across ISTA in Guatemala. 
In 2015 he did four ISTA trainings in Hawaii, Byron Bay Australia, New Zeeland and Israel and also attended the ISTA Core Gathering as an ally in Greece. He spent the last three months of that year in Israel immersing himself in the sacred sexuality space. 
He spent 2016 mainly in Koh Phangan/Thailand and India immersing himself in Tantra, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Siddha Kundalini, Crystal healing, Shamanic learnings and Quantum Studies.
The first part of 2017 he toured the desert and mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa staying mainly of the grid reflecting and writing about his experiences and learnings of the preceding three years with the intention of sharing that in order to assist others in awakening to themselves and to enable them to deal with the shift that is occurring in them and increasingly right across the planet. He also attended Mindscape and Beyond Right Brain trainings there to enable him to live naturally more often in alpha mind state and to deepen his connection and ability to tap into the Field of universal consciousness.

Later in 2017 he assisted at the ISTA Level 1 in Scotland and he also assisted at the Level 1 and Level 2 initiation in Ireland. At the end of that year he brought ISTA to South Africa where he produced and organised a very successful and well attended Level 1 in the Western Cape.

He is very passionate about the work that ISTA is doing and feels a calling to help bring it to a much wider field in the world.