Clara Gómez Santos


Clara is an international Intimacy & Empowerment facilitator, ceremonialist, speaker and Dakini.

She has trained with leading authorities in the fields of Tantra, Shadow Work, Shamanism and Esoteric Psychology and currently travels the world offering transformational workshops, women retreats and private sexual healing sessions. 

She’s an accomplished facilitator of ceremonial spaces where Eros and Spirit are alchemised for prayer, healing and manifestation.

As an animatrix and Dakini she guides seekers longing to reconnect with their bodies, their raw life force and creative essence through conscious activation of their erotic power.

Clara has found her home serving as a Priestess in the re-emerging Love Temples across the world. She’s currently expanding her training in Soul Initiation, the Aquarian Love paradigm and conscious conception.

Clara is faculty at ISTA - International School of Temple Arts and is a regular presenter at Sexuality and Consciousness festivals across the world, including:

Sexuality and Evolution of Consciousness (Israel)
Hawaii Tantra Festival (US)
Togetherness Festival (London)
Summer House Weekend (UK)
Tatste of Love (AUS)
Spirit of Intimacy (India)
ISTA Festival (Israel)

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