Binoy Milton Dsouza


I am a tantric guide & creator of temple arts events globally.

Growing up in both urban and rural India, I was fascinated by the places of synergy and separation between the mystical and the logical. Seeking a deeper syncretic meaning to life, I moved to Europe in my early 20s.

While exploring wisdom traditions from other parts of the world alongside my solo tantric studies,  I stumbled upon Argentinian Tango. Through the process of learning, practicing, and teaching dance for over 10 years, I deepened practice of other embodied modalities such as Yoga & Trans-Himalayan Shamanism. I also ended up speaking 7 different languages. 

I'm passionate about exploring seeming paradoxes of the human condition in an embodied manner; east & west, mind & animal; sexuality & spirituality; masculine & feminine; logical & mystical, spirit & matter; personality & soul.

I am lovingly committed to support human beings to experience their essence, while exploring the depths and the heights of the journey of being human.

Looking forward to walking down the path with you.

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