Radhika Gaya



Since my teens I have explored my sexuality, and loved to experiment with it.

In my twenties I traveled the east, and when I returned I got a degree at east-Asia studies, (focusing on Buddhist philosophy and Japan


I started working a special education teacher and got married.

For nearly a decade, I was devoting myself to raising my two children and preserving an unhealthy relationship.


After the end of my marriage, and a series of destructive relationships that followed it –

My healing process began:

I started participating in workshops and studied/read anything I could put my hand on regarding personal/spiritual growth and healthy relationships and sexuality.

I studied traditional Tantra, sexual healing, facilitating women's circles, Osho philosophy, etc.


In 2014 I did ISTA level 1, and around the same time – I started facilitating workshops in festivals and conferences of Tantra and sexuality in Israel.


These days I give Sexual healing and Tantra private sessions, workshops regarding Tantric rituals, sexual shamanic healing, energetic sexual work, Consent, sexual education for teenagers, and lectures about free love relationships.


My former and current ways of life combined – are the core of the knowledge I am now ready to share with the world as a facilitator.

It comes from my own experience.


Radhika is an ISTA Faculty Apprentice with Elaine Young