Sarah Taub

Washington DC, , United States


Sarah Taub, Ph.D. is a cultural activist whose passion is creating events where people transform. She teaches the skills of peaceful, sustainable community and relationships such as self-awareness, honesty, and clear boundaries, and facilitates group processes of many sorts, including sensuality and intimacy gatherings, consensus decision-making, ZEGG Forum, and conflict resolution sessions. 

Since 2004, Sarah has co-organized and facilitated dozens of retreats for Network for a New Culture ( aimed at creating a culture based on awareness, compassion, and freedom rather than on fear and judgment; she co-creates polyamory retreats four times a year with Polyamory for All Seasons ( She is also the financial and programs manager for Abrams Creek Center (, a New Culture retreat center and community in the mountains of West Virginia.  Sarah has been studying Tantra and meditation intensively since 2011.