Stephen SouLove

Santa Cruz, , United States


SouLove is shamanic transformationalist whose presence is heart centerd and catalytic. His ability to access dimensions of higher awareness allows him to  see through the illusions of separation consciousness and limiting thought patterns.  His intuitive guidance is a laser beam of love that cuts through the bullshit of fear & self doubt and re-ignites ones eternal soul fire of love & self worth.

SouLove weaves together a vast array of wizard healing tools into a profoundly beautiful and powerful experience of transformation that can best be only described as 'masterful art'.

Sessions with SouLove have been described as being experiences of 'magic'.  With a passion for facilitating transformation and healing that extends into the vastness of unimagined possibility, SouLove has been described as an “Angel of change in a love-starved world”, as “A harbinger of the coming age of love, healing, and self-awareness” and “A healing, loving, compassionate, community minded, inclusive, creative, ecstatic lover of life, fully conscious visionary with a voracious appetite for learning and a passion to bring love and healing into each space that he occupies”. 

SouLove's gifts for facilitating transformation stem from an ability to see outside the box of how things appear to be and from his capacity to artfully and masterfully reveal the inherent wisdom that allows for healing & insight to occur in spontaneous and unexpected ways. “SouLove sees the things that everyone sees along with the things that no one sees and puts them together in unique ways that are in alignment with a resonant common thread of untamed primal innocence, interconnectiveness, and love.” Through a keen and discerning innate wisdom along with a capacity to be grounded and playfully creative at times of intense uncertainty, SouLove's wizardry weaves transformational metaphors of healing that serve as spiritual antidotes for the illusions of separation and as soul medicine for those who have temporarily forgotten their innate wholeness and interonnectedness with the vast magnificence of life.