Taste of Love Festival & Immersion 2020

13.03.2020 - 15.03.2020
69 Jonson Street
Byron Bay, New South Wales , Australia 2481 / Google Map
Organizer(s): Marion Ellyard | Ron van Twuiver
Speaker/Facilitator: Crystal Dawn Morris | Ria Bloom | Marion Ellyard | Eugene Hedlund | Winter Icely | Janine Ma-Ree | Eve Marie | Stephanie Phillips | Ron van Twuiver

Taste of Love Festival & Immersion

March 13-19, 2020, Byron Bay

We want to bring forth another jam packed weekend of fantastic highlights and celebrations from the world of sexuality, relationship, consciousness & meditation. Intimate, connected, learn, grow and explore together with a vibrant community, tickets limited to 260, Immersion limited to 120. Come along!

But - due to high demand and many interstae and international participants we are moving right after the festival into a 3 day, 3 nights fully catered immersion at a wonderful retreat centre just out of Byron Bay, open only to festival participants. It's time to deepen, relax, swim amd jump into the hot tub together while 3 workshops are offered each day to enjoy, integrate and continue to live in connection. The immersion is limited to 120 people. 

Tickets at amazing Early Bird rates available NOW!

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ISTA training LEVEL 1(SSSex) with Lead faculty Crystal Dawn Morris,Co Faculty Eugene Hedlund and Co faculty Marion Ellyard and ISTA training LEVEL 2(SSSin) with Lead faculty Janine Ma-Ree,Co Faculty TBA - will be held directly after the Taste of Love Festival & Immersion for more Info and to book go HERE.

Why 'A Taste of Love'?

Living an exciting life

At this festival the aim is to create an energy field of a vortex, where we explore together, discuss, meet, connect and celebrate our own individual flow with like minded souls and with curious souls. Learning, feeling and knowing more about ourselves creates excitement of being, this is where the careful selection of presenters comes into play. Personalities that have dedicated their life and passion to explore what excites us what frees us and what makes us jump out of our skins for joy. 

Want to find out more about the organisers and the festival? http://tasteoflove.com.au/about-us/

Visit also our facebook page!


The conference will be held again in the centrally located Byron Community Centre over Friday, Saturday and Sunday and feature 3 streams and 3 evening events. We are planning to have 27 workshops spaces of 2-2.5 hrs in length presented by local, national and international leading speakers in this field. The workshop or presentation spaces can either cater for 80, 100 or 250 people.


The vision for the upcoming festival is to bring in a large community of different types of people that are interested to receive quality education and information about sex, spirituality and relationships. Key words we will use in the advertising will be around vitality, rediscovering our connection with the divine, healing relationships, communication skills, redefining orgasm, and rediscovering our free natural sexual spiritual loving self.


The mission is to bring more love, better understanding and empowerment to the individual. Communities get strengthened if the individual is free, responsible and happy, only then healthy relationships van be formed and from there happy families that can last.  Through quality education and heart touching experiences, expanding our understanding of each other and each other’s needs as human beings, uncovering a whole new world of verbal and non verbal communications skills we believe much more long lasting joy and ecstasy can flow in our lives. 

Want to apply to present? Applications are open now, go HERE.

Want to volunteer? You can help us create this event as a volunteer by going to our website to http://tasteoflove.com.au/want-to-volunteer/ We are pretty much full so hurry up and pay the volunteers deposit to gurantee a spot.

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