Spirit of Intimacy: Tantra in Paradise, Byron Bay

15.12.2017 - 17.12.2017
7 am - 11pm
139 Newes Rd
Coorabell, , NSW 2479 , Australia / Google Map
Organizer(s): Binoy Milton Dsouza

This bespoke, seed tantra festival offers an intimate buffet of workshops, rituals, and ceremonies curated from the spaces where sacred sexuality, spirituality, shamanism, temple arts & neuroscience meet. Past participants have called this juicy festival *Occupying Intimacy* from the inside-out, loving first, then being, and then doing.

The festival supports the elevation of sensuality, consciousness, embodiment, intimacy, heart-fullness, art, beauty & life-force energy instead of disembodiment, time, money, and fear. Shared over 3 days and 3 nights at Paradise One, a permaculture inspired eco resort in the lush hinterland of Byron Bay, complete with large indoor training space, bush surrounds, lovely river swimming hole, natural hot tub and 3 delicious daily meals with produce from onsite gardens.


The Spirit of Intimacy was launched in the Danish countryside on the island of Møn in June 2017. This is the second edition of the festival. The next edition of the festival is in Arambol, Goa (Feb 8 – 10, 2018- https://www.facebook.com/events/1991973574379349/) with planned editions in Denmark & the UK.


75 tickets available for this weekend to facilitate the creation of a held, personal container for this weekend. This is an International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)-affiliated event.


“…in these times of transition,

the intention of this festival,

is to cultivate, nurture and grow,

the spirit of intimacy,


occupying intimacy,

to fuel social change,

from the inside,

radiating outside,

reflecting the hall of mirrors,

of reality,

while drinking,

the spirit of intimacy..”

– Binoy Milton Dsouza


<<What happens at the Spirit of Intimacy?>>

The festival honors curiosity, like the artist honors the mystery. Safety, Boundaries & Consent are a central part of the festival experience, alongside play, emotional release, activation, pleasure celebration, ritual, grounding & integration.


The festival is a safe, sex-positive environment with spaces shape-shifting between a laboratory, playpen, dojo, temple, dance floor and cuddle space. Facilitators create held spaces using tantra, the temple arts, plant medicine teachers, play, breath, movement, bodywork, healing, un-learning & learning.


<<<Who is appearing at the Spirit of Intimacy?>>>

The following international sacred sexuality guides & artists are serving you a juicy buffet of offerings for your mind, heart, belly, and sex:


– Binoy Milton Dsouza (India/Sweden/Planet Earth)

– Xavier Arya Bouquillard (France/Aus)

– Issia Patricia Miller (US)

– Stephanie Phillips (Aus)

– Zapheria Bell (Aus)

– Mariam Nour (Aus)

– Juliet Allen (Aus)



Workshop offerings include:


The Wheel of Consent • Radical In – to – Me – See • Kundalini Tantra Activation • Tantric Transformational Flow • Yoni Mapping • Finding Erotic Bliss in States of Relaxation • Tantric Dance Activation • Sacred Cacao Ceremony • Cuddle Party • Divine Masculine and Feminine Shiva Shakti ritual • Yoga Rhythms • Sacred song circles • Ecstatic Communion with the Divine Feminine


<<Who is this gathering for?>>

Wherever you have come from and wherever you are going, this festival is for you. Calling parents, visionary creatives, yogis, spiritual rebels, conscious activists & change makers who can be bridge-builders between communities across the world, and thereby inspire others. Irrespective of whether you are single or in a relationship, or if you prefer not to have any labels around your relating, and irrespective of your gender, race, sexuality, beliefs,



The nutrition for the weekend is designed to raise your vibration. The nutrition will be primarily Vegeterian. We will have herbal elixirs, tonics, and lots of superfood potions for sale.


<<What do tickets cost and where do I buy them?>>

There are a limited number (75) of tickets available for this weekend to facilitate the creation of a held, personal container for this weekend. All accommodation options include vegeterian food and tea station for the weekend. All prices in AUD ($). Early Bird prices available till 20/10.


“Basic” – General Admission to whole weekend including delicious vegetarian food and tea station. Bring your own tent and camp for free – $ 325


Optional accommodation add-ons for the weekend

“Easy” – Bed in a Yurt – $75

"Nice” – Room in a forest cabin on a twin share basis – $125

“Abundance” – Private room in forest cabin with shared bath – $225


Get your tickets here – http://buytickets.at/avalon22ptyltd


Regular Prices – After 20/10

“Basic” (Self-Camping) – $ 375


Optional Accommodation Add-Ons for the weekend

“Easy” – Bed in a Yurt – $75

"Nice” – Room in a forest cabin on a twin share basis – $125

“Abundance” – Private room in forest cabin with shared bath – $225



<Binoy Milton D’souza>

Binoy supports human beings in the process of making their consciousness malleable, to feel the sacredness of their animal-selves, and from a place of deeper alignment in their beings to remember their deepest longing. He creates containers for that process in groups, and also works one-on-one.


He is the creator of the Love Movement Evolution and Itscoldupnorthdancetango projects. He is a dancer, a warrior of love, a stand-up and sit down comedian in training, a student of life & an apprentice faculty at ISTA, the International school of the Temple Arts.


Website – http://lovemovementevolution.com/


<Xavier Arya Bouquillard>

“Living a Sacred life with clear Loving intention as a constant choice.“


Xavier is a powerful Love Warrior dedicating his life to being a channel through which Love can manifest. He practices everyday with many different tools and modalities to continually deepen into his capacity.


With full presence and gratitude and leading by example Xavier is working to heal and teach in the areas of presence, sexuality, relating and the power of the divine masculine and feminine. Studying as much as possible and being in service on a daily basis.


Born in France in the 70s, Xavier now lives in Byron Bay Australia where he surfs, gardens and works on his life mission. Over the years he has studied with many teachers and masters. Moving into his own unique practices and techniques, he has recently begun offering them publicly in the form of counseling sessions, tantric healing massages, Holographic kinetics, Reiki, coaching and training.


More info – www.aryasunshine.com


<Juliet Allen>

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sexuality Coach, Tantra Practitioner and author. With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet facilitates 1:1 coaching sessions, educative workshops, and transformative retreats. Juliet’s purpose is to empower men and women to embrace their sexuality & transform their sex and relationships.

Juliet comes from a background in psychology and sexology, is a qualified Yoga Teacher and is trained as a Kundalini Tantra practitioner. Juliet is a committed mother, passionate entrepreneur and lover of all-things sex and sensuality. Known for authentically sharing her own personal experiences as a sexually empowered woman, Juliet is committed to freeing people from mundane and disempowered sexual relationships and opens up the conversation of how to have great sex everyday.

Now Australia’s leading Sexologist, she resides on the beach in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Juliet spends her days writing, coaching, dancing, making love and swimming in the ocean.


More info - http://www.juliet-allen.com/


<Stephanie Phillips>

Stephanie draws on intuitive pathways to open the body to its natural wisdom, with tools for re-membering authentic power and energetic alignment. She works with modalities of self awareness including Mindfulness, Gestalt therapy, movement meditation, dance expression, humanistic psychology, NLP, Tantra, shamanic practices, conscious sexuality and the healing arts.


Stephanie's lead people in the studio, on the stage, in the boardroom, down the runway, at the retreat, from the podium, down the mountain, off the cliff and in the temple. She's held people through their baptism of fire, through the shedding and the chaos, and journeyed with them to the safe haven on the other side.

Her bodywork mastery was honed from private practice in Remedial massage, Polarity therapy, Reiki, body de-armouring, and Reflexology. The energetics came after a freak accident disabled her hand, meaning that she had to change strategy about how she worked with people. (Often our greatest disasters become our biggest gifts.) Her background is Classical / Contemporary Dance, a B. Ed, the Fitness industry, the Health and Wellness sector, executive coaching, and crafting groundbreaking and transformational mentoring programs for men and women.

She's been a facilitator and faculty member with ISTA since 2015.


More info - http://www.tantricsynergy.com.au


<Marion Ellyard>

Marion Ellyard lives in Byron Bay as a passionate mother, meditator, presenter and counsellor. Marion works as a counsellor specialising in the Demartini method, Joe Dispenza , Body Psychoenergetics, Relationship & Intimacy Coaching and Core energetics with the wish to bring more joy and empowerment to people who seek to raise their awareness and bring transformation to their personal lives and their relationships. Marion started her own modality called 'Sexological Charts'. With this system we look at all the expressions of your sexuality, your fantasies, your actual sexual reality, your styles of relating and like a map it guides us to who you are, what wounds you may carry opening the horizon for healing and greater wholeness. She is passionate presenting and holding workshops about many topis - meditation, conscious kink, sacred sexuality temple ceremonies and emotional release and relational topics.


Marion has been a meditator for over 20 years and is a yoga & meditation teacher. She facilitates her own workshops and is also the director of the Taste of Love Tantra Festival and has experience with over 8000 sessions as a bodyworker.

Marion's passion is to hold space and create spaces where we can explore ourselves, feel a deeper layer of ourselves and shed some beliefs about ourselves to ultimately return back to where we belong: here and now as love and oneness, truly being self and truly being empowered and ignited by this self itself.


More Info - http://radiantlove.com.au/about/

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