Sexual Shamanic Medicine Bag

12.06.2019 - 16.06.2019
9am-1pm Each Day
Mariva Bungalows (Therna)
Samothraki, Greece / Google Map
Organizer(s): Nir Holtzman Ninio
Speaker/Facilitator: Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | Dawn Cherie Ezrahi


Sex is one of the most common ways humans enter into trance states and “get out of their mind", even if it is merely for short moments of relief and nothing more. As recent research in neuroscience shows, there are certain areas in the brain’s frontal lobe that shut off when we are in any kind of trance state, while specific hormones and neurotransmitters are being released into our system. As a result our inner critic lessens, while our ability to feel, vision and be creative increases. This unique brain activity of trance states is so precious because of many reasons. if we know how to work with these heightened powerful states, we find we have the ability to access our subconscious which has an enormous capacity to process vast amounts of data at once, connect the “dots” in creative ways that we never thought of before, reorganize our memory, and create new neuro-pathways in our brain.

Most people on the planet have experienced some level of trance state while they are aroused or having sexual activity, be it with themselves or with others. Nevertheless, religions and patriarchal society have indoctrinated people with excessive amounts of shame, guilt and fear that these trance states remain mainly unspoken, and most assuredly under utilized. In the ancient world, which was systematically destroyed by both religion and patriarchy over the last thousands of years, priests and priestesses knew how to access sexual trance states to bring about healing, empowerment and information to their tribes. This was the base of the sacred sexual rites of ancient temples worldwide. Oracles would use sexual trance for downloading prophecies. Priestesses used sexual trance to heal and empower the pilgrims who approached them for their services.

Shamanism can be defined as: the ability to deeply connect to powers of nature, shift dimensions in Spirit worlds, and by that deliver the powers of healing or information from one dimension to the other. Various cultures around the world developed different methods of what can be called “shamanism”. The utilization of the four elements, power animals and plant medicines may be  used in many of those methods as ways to access altered states in multi dimensionsional reality. Sexual Shamanism uses sexual arousal as its main medicine. Since every shaman holds a “medicine bag” in which they carry different sacred items of power which they may use for their shamanic rituals, we want to charge up the “Medicine Bag” of the new Sexual Shamans with powerful tools of Sexual Shamanism, tools that can be used in daily life.

These tools include the practices of ETP, Sex Magic, Sexual Oracles, Sex as Prayer and more.

ETP — Empowerment Through Pleasure — is a name that we, Dawn Cherie and Pele Ohad Ezrahi, coined for the modern ways of working with sexual trance for the purpose of healing past experiences or empowering the individual towards future challenges.

By adeptly implementing the methods of ETP, practitioners can now rectify the ways past events are carved into their brain’s memory and change the ways those memories affect their behaviour in the present and future. Using ETP, practitioners can empower themselves, or their clients/pilgrims/seekers to meet life with more conviction, confidence, power, joy and magic.

Sexual Oracles are methods that allow us to move out of our own way and receive messages from spirit worlds using the trance of sexual arousal in a well conducted ceremony. Sexual Oracles were part of ancient temples the world over. Now they are reemerging with renewed wisdom and relevance and are an essential ingredient to our Sexual Shamanic Medicine Bag.

Sex Magic are methods by which we may harness the magical creative powers of sexuality for the manifestation of our wildest dreams — after all sex is the only power that can bring a new human being onto earth. It is essential to implement sex magic with a pure heart, and to honestly investigate the  shadow aspects of our desires before we use sex magic, as it is a very powerful tool despite the fact that it’s at our fingertips (literally).

All of these methods have deep roots in the mysteries of the ancient world. Therefore, we will use our years of collective experience in masterfully creating rituals and sacred space. The methods are always held in reverence, ritualistically performed, utilizing deep prayer and devotion to awaken  the divine and the Great Mystery.

With a pure heart and clear intention true power of magic can be created in one’s life.


The training will be a deep dive into those mysteries with a group of selected individuals.

Please note:

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The Venue

Mariva Bungalows and Retreat Center is a traditional greek hotel, located in the village of Therma, within a flourish natural environment, between aged plane trees, chestnut trees and blooming hydrangeas.

Its location is nothing less than amazing, inside the forestry nature of Samothraki, where few creeks (Vatras) runs by, allowing a swim in the most beautiful natural pools in less than 5 mins walk. The nature surrounding it is just breath taking and vibrating with high water energy.

Samothraki – The Island of the Great Gods is a magical, mysterious and enigmatic island in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is the island of the Saos or Fengari mountain and a place of fascinating natural beauty and mystical ambience, where ancient Greeks performed the rites and rituals of the Kaveiria Mysteries to worship the Great Gods of the sky, nature and sea.

The wild natural beauty of Mountain Saos (meaning Moon) offers unique natural treasures, dense vegetation, abundant springs and numerous waterfalls. Brooks and streams that originate from mountain Saos, on their way to the sea often form waterfalls, as well as “vathres”, which resemble natural pools in the rocks and will surely entice you to dive into their icy, crystal waters. The island also offers thermal hot springs, pebbled beaches and rivers with countless plane trees.

Price, including accommodation, food and all workshop activities:

Pay a deposit of € 350 to secure your place

Early bird (first 10 participants): € 1,100 - sold

Regular price: € 1,200

*** Register with Elana at: ***

Accommodation and Food

Participants will share a 3-persons rooms. All rooms have 3 beds, balcony and private showers. Private room is also available at additional price.

Healthy, nutritious greek food (vegetarian food options will be available) to support the work that we are doing. Wherever possible, we strive to use the most natural ingredients available, with an emphasis on sustainability, organic produce, and local sourcing.

How to get to the Venue

The nearest Airport is Alexandroupolis Airport (AXD). Ferries to Samothraki are only available from Alexandroupolis (2 hours sail), Daily schedule can be found here.

Another option is to fly to Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) and use a public bus (around 3 hours) to drive to Alexandroupolis.

Once arriving to Samothraki, it is only 10-15 mins drive from the port to Mariva Bungalows and can be done using a local Taxi (there are only 3 taxis on the island) with costs of about €20 Euros.

A commitment to the Medicine Bag training is a deep commitment to yourself. It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to this training, it is no accident. If for some reason you become unable to attend, a €150 administrative fee will be withheld and is non-refundable in any case, up until 30 days before the event. Once the 30 days before the training have passed, the total deposit of €350 Euros is non-refundable.

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