Level 3 - Arizona U.S.A.

04.04.2020 - 11.04.2020
In-Residence Retreat
Historic C.O.D. Ranch
Oracle, Arizona, AZ , U.S.A. / Google Map
Organizer(s): Richard Priddis
Speaker/Facilitator: Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | komala lyra | Rex Rafiq


Register at:  http://www.istasssex.com/registration-l3.html



Level 3 (4pm Saturday 4th April - 1pm Saturday 11th April 2020)

This training is for those who have completed SSSex and SSSin.

- Level 1 was the education you didn’t get when you were young.

- Level 2 was the training you didn’t go home from, where you sourced yourself from the void and stayed living from your center.

- Level 3 (SSSeed) asks the question:

Can you hold your center, be in your core and hold the point for love, when everything is spinning and turning to chaos around you?

It is about strengthening and expanding your capacity to hold point for groups, whether as facilitator, organizer, community member or expressing leadership in any endeavor in your life.

Level 3 highlights each person's essential gifts and challenges as they seed their work in the world.

Part of this may be facing disillusionment about how you think things should be done by others, letting go of expectations of outcome, letting go of control, rigidity, idealism, perfection, dogma and discovering your own gifts are the solution to what you see is missing in the world.

Rituals involve the relationship between power and surrender, transformation around relationship with money and group initiation.

Rex Rafiq, Pele (Ohad) and Komala Lyra will facilitate the training.


One of the reasons the model of Burning Man is so successful is that it propagates a culture.

People want to participate because they sense it is sourced from a different 'space' and they are encouraged to show their own initiative.

What if we saw ISTA as a virtual global 'Playa'. We are building an upside down city and the foundation on which we are building is our connection to source.

The stronger that connection grows the more land we have on which to build and the more people we attract to come play and bring their gifts. The success of our Level 3 (SSSSeed) has not come from techniques or skills, but from extending our culture - inviting others into a way of living and being present with each other.

Each time a training or conference takes place a vortex of energy descends from the foundation of ISTA. For a week a temple of the new civilization stands and then is reabsorbed into the inner landscape. We are like real estate developers but our real estate is primarily that of embodied life force energy. This is a different approach from most builders of temples. They buy land, create designs, build structures, create mission statements and then draw community together to enact shared visions.

The real temples and the temple arts already exist in energetic realms - they do not need to be created from the bottom up but precipitated from the top down. And they are a global phenomena rather than a local one - which means they are emergent all at once over the whole planet. So if we continually use our resources to bring these vortexes down they eventually will become stable enough to stay in manifestation and naturally draw to themselves the people and resources they need to grow the outer forms.

The old way is to build lightning rods and wait for the thunderstorm. When we propagate culture we are the lightning itself and we strike wherever someone or some group are willing to stand up and receive in sovereignty, synergy and sacredness.

Be Love.


Start: Saturday 4 April, 2020 at 4pm

End: Saturday 11 April, 2020 at 1pm



The Training will take place at the Historic C.O.D. Ranch, which has been converted into a beautiful Retreat Center.  No, there are no cows or horses, but there are some wild desert animals and lots of desert plants.  The ranch is secluded between a 36,000 acre National Forest and a 6,000 acre State Park and Wildlife preserve.  There’s plenty of room to walk and hike, beautiful views and a pool and hot tub for relaxing.  


Rex Rafiq, Pele (Ohad) and Komala Lyra will facilitate the training.


The organizer for ISTA Level 3 Oracle, Arizona U.S.A. is Rich Priddis.

He will handle participant registrations, answer any questions and provide support leading up to and during the training.

Email: rick@priddis.com



$2,400 Non-Faculty

$1,900 ISTA Faculty


You will be provided with 3 meals per day.  The food provided is delicious, fresh, wholesome creative and Vegetarian, with carnivore options.  Please inform us when completing the registration form of any specific food restrictions we should know about.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).  The larger of the two airports.  It’s about 2 hours from Oracle.

Tucson International Airport (TUS).  It’s about 1 hour from Oracle.  


Arrival.  We’ll have a shuttle from both airports the first day of the Training.  Leaving about 12:00 PM (noon) from Phoenix and about  2:00 PM from Tucson.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you want a ride on the shuttle.  It will be an extra charge (between about $25 and $45, depending on the number of passengers).  

Departure.  We’ll have Shuttles from the Venue to the airports the last day of the training.  The Shuttle will leave the venue about 1:30 PM, arriving at the Tucson airport about 2:30 PM and the Phoenix airport by 5:00 PM.  You should schedule a flight that leaves 1.5 to 2 hours after you arrive at the airport.  Or reserve a hotel room near the airport and schedule your flight for the following day.  


  1. Complete the registration form - https://forms.gle/dPgNWxRP2kNwdLfN8

    All participants must be approved by Governance.  

  1. Pay a $500 deposit OR full tuition fee by using the following method of payments:

When making payment, use your full name as the reference to help us match payments.  

Any finance fees (including transaction fees & exchange differences) are payable by the participant. 


If you are not approved for Level 3, and you have already paid your deposit, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Because we have limited space available, we have a strict refund policy.

A commitment to any of the ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Trainings is a deep commitment to yourself.  It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to these training, it is no accident.  If for some reason you become unable to attend, you may choose to have your payment applied to any future ISTA training, festival or conference anywhere in the world, minus an administration fee and bank costs (bank costs are fees incurred by us for credit card transactions, PayPal fees, wire transfers, etc).  Or we can refund a portion of your payment according to the following schedule.  

Cancellation 90 Days or More Before the Event
$500 Deposit is non-refundable. Any balance paid is fully refundable.
Or choose to have your funds applied to a future training of your choice, minus the $500 Deposit.

Cancellation 60 - 90 Days Before the Event
$500 Deposit is non-refundable.  Any balance paid is 50% refundable.  
Or choose to have 50% of your funds applied to a future training of your choice, minus $500 Deposit.

Cancellation 30 - 60 Days Before the Event
$500 Deposit is non-refundable.  50% of any balance paid may be applied to one of our future trainings, minus the $500 Deposit.  No cash refund.  

Cancellation 0 - 30 Days Before the Event

No Refund.   No transfer to another training.


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